simpler stronger digital security

KRIPTEX has continuously devoted itself to providing simpler-stronger safe and reliable products and solutions protecting sensitive information, data and software.


Striving for the simpler stronger digital security solutions ...

We are neither ordinary nor are we ever satisfied because we are a diverse team with a common dedication at the core of our hearts and principles to constant maturation, both individually and as a cohesive team.


Our Mission : To become a brand that sets standards in the information security technologies field with its qualified human resources and solutions which provide simplicity and independency for customers.

Our Vision : To establish and maintain long term cooperation with global customers which enables customers to focus on their own core business areas with KRIPTEX’s qualified employees and transparent and continuously improved processes.

Our Quality Policy : With the purpose of becoming a brand that sets standards in the information security technologies field with its qualified human resources and solutions which provide simplicity and independency for customers;

  • To give priority to the R&D works aimed to build its own software technology and standard with solutions which provide simplicity and independency
  • To provide the right software technology with the qualified employees to the customers by keeping up with the latest software technologies
  • To ensure that projects are transparent, measurable, maintainable, and providing added values to the employees and customers
  • To establish quality, long-term, and efficient cooperation with the customers who are provided services
  • To protect information assets with respect to confidentiality, integrity, and availability against all kinds of threats which may internally or externally, or intentionally or unintentionally happen
  • To create environments with the intention of improving information and skills of employees and students who are studying on software
  • To become an organization that aims to continuously improve itself with its process approach which is accepted and implemented by the employees, and adopts the principle of satisfied employees leads to satisfied customers view


As KRIPTEX, a large part of our customer portfolio includes firms that are widely used information technology (IT); in finance and telecommunications sectors. Because of the nature of our customers; “Information Security” is important at the highest level for us. In this policy, “Information Security”, is defined as protection of confidentiality, integrity and availability specifications of KRIPTEX’s information assets.

This policy includes all units that are currently using KRIPTEX Computing infrastructure, the users who access as third party of information systems and service, software or hardware provider that provide technical support to information technologies.

KRIPTEX Management Group aims to protect own reliability and image, proving suitable of Information security criteria in contracts which make with third parties, ensure the protection of information assets that have, ensure continue to basic and supportive business actions with minimum interruption and ensure the security information of all physical and electronic information assets used in the performance of IT services.

Risk management framework of KRIPTEX includes defining, evaluating and processing of information security risks. Risk Assessment defines to; how to control the risks of information security with declaration of applicability and risk processing plan.

All employees of KRIPTEX and all external parties described in ISMS are expected to obey policies, procedures, processes and instructions to comply by KRIPTEX.

KRIPTEX Management Group supports to; provide implementation of KRIPTEX Information Security Policy, making control and also the execution of the necessary sanctions in security breaches.